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Bobby Womack or K-Ci’s version?

Hands down, Bobby Womack did his thing but after hearing the version K-Ci of Jodeci recorded, I’d have to lean towards K-Ci. It could be all of the ad-libs or maybe it’s his soulfulness that blessed the days of the 90’s as well as the ears of the lucky ones.
Thank You brothers for sharing your gift with the World.

The Pen of Tomorrow



Bobby Womack


Listen to the Lyrics, Not Just the Beat

Listen to the Lyrics, Not Just the Beat

Listen to the Lyrics, Not Just the Beat. PLEASE! So many people give accolades to those that are not sincerely worthy of such while the potential recipient of this acknowledgment is cheated or for dramatics, robbed of this. There is no secret that the music industry is saturated with nonsense and occupational hazards and it seems that those in positions to speak on it don’t, and maybe this is due to financial packages and promises, which in my opinion, and I stress My Opinion, is unfortunate.

I am pushing lyricists and that is what true hip hop is about or so I thought.

This blog is two-fold because while I am expressing a point I am also pushing an artist that goes by Delo or DeLorean. His mixtape is truly lyrical and can be found on livemixtapes.com. The title of his mixtape is Look Alive. He is not feeding you the regular everyday rap. He is delivering entertainment, lyricism, while painting a vivid picture of the world in which he lives and dwells as surviving in a realm of  competition.

He deserves a slot among the rest of those in the industry.

Listening to his mixtape is free. All I ask is that you sign in to vote. We need music like his in the industry nowadays. He has his own mind. He own voice. His own soul.

Listen to the Lyrics, Not Just the Beats.

I am open for comments and I really look forward to any feedback. But I do ask for respect. Thank you.

DeLorean – Look Alive