Taken From Upcoming Book…(Titled Withheld)


“It is important that you, I’m speaking to the women, do your best to get inside the mind of man, to understand or at least to begin to or continue to dissect the many layers and levels of bullshit that we harbor therein. As if to state that we are as complex or complicated psychologically as you, no offense intended, is not the aim.
Cryptic text messages from some men alluding to threats of physical violence for reasons none other than he can not seem to grasp your concepts of analytical perceptions and curiosities. Therefore accusing you of this or that, which can neither be proven or otherwise.
His insecurities mounting as his paranoia grows.
Turn and run the other way, is what the voice in your head should be suggesting if not yelling.
This one may not be worth it.
Rule #1 but not in any particular order. Never allow a man to move in with you no matter how convincing his excuse, pleas, or sob stories are. If you grant him the opportunity to visit your home do it only during the weekend, such as Saturday. If for some reason he spends the night, Sunday, late afternoon, it is time for him to exit. This simple rule can alleviate future occurrences of him misplacing his house shoes or t-shirts at your place only to avoid looking for them, yet manipulating you into allowing him to spend the night during the work week.
We are clever, however; we sometimes lack the mental agility that is called for when delivering our game, so to speak.”

Disclaimer: This book is being written with good intentions at heart. Also, knowledge is power.

“Game is to be sold and not told”


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