Avast…Tried and True, So Far.


So far so good, is all that I am happy to state. I have bought this software for my pc and it is installed on my LG G3 and there are no complaints. I continue to spread the word about Avast only because I am truly impressed by it.
There was a pc dramatic (matic) commercial that came on while I was enjoying Bloomberg news and they claimed to be the best. They listed at least 6 companies and softwares that they falsely stated to have outshined, so to speak. I have done a bit of research and read the reviews and there were no positive ones for the afore mentioned frauds.
There are a few note worthy antivirus software that work hand in hand with Avast such as Comodo. This one is also impressive, however; Avast has taken control of the mountaintop and as of right now they do not appear to be coming down any time soon.
Job well done Avast!
*Both Avast and Comodo has excellent firewalls.

Photo: Avast


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